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Our Vocation Stories

Vocation Stories

Lorraine's story - the 'Yes' of the heart
Lorraine's story - the 'Yes' of the heartWhen I turned down the offer of marriage for the third time, somewhere inside I knew that I needed to love in a bigger context. I could not make another human being the centre of my life dashing as he might be! But what did it mean to love?

Travelling through the Dolomites I awoke one morning as the sun rose. The power of that moment, the splendour, the colours, called something to life within me, an awakening. Walking by the lake in Roehampton, when it felt as though a branch from a tree had crashed down on me, was when I knew that religious life was the call to love to which I had to respond. The Congregation had to be the Society of the Sacred Heart.

The Society of the Sacred Heart shares in this mission by making known the revelation of God's love whose source and symbol is for us the heart of Christ's (Constitutions).
In his book, Begin with the Heart, Daniel O'Leary asks, what for me, are three very important questions.

What would you describe as peak experiences in your life? 
In what way would you connect them with God's presence?
Can you remember those lasting moments when you were transformed, those places of grace when your faith became an experience?

Some prophets were missioned, others, like Hosea found their calling through their ordinary lives. Hosea's reflection on life led him to respond to the needs of his time. This is often how God calls us, not in a direct way but through discerning what is happening around us so that we move from the known to explore new ways, the inner urging of the Spirit drawing us on.
I believe the call continues. We are constantly invited to open our hearts to discover new ways of responding to the love God has for us.

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  • Lorraine's story - the 'Yes' of the heart

Vocation Stories