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The right order for me....

The Right Order

Silvana Dallanegra
Silvana DallanegraI visited several congregations, and knew a couple of others too. I met some lovely women, enjoyed good discussions, found out about some inspiring charisms and foundresses... but the only place where I truly, deeply felt at home from my first visit was the Society. There were other reasons why the Society appealed to me - the individuality of the women I met, their strong contemplative core and a vague idea of what the spirituality and charism were about - but really, fundamentally, something just clicked with the Society and didn't click anywhere else.

What that "something" was only became clearer to me after I had entered, as I discovered a spirituality centred on the Open Heart, which resonated with my own personal, as yet unarticulated and unexplored spiritualty. Over the years, I have journeyed more and more into the Heart of God, which is also a journey into myself, and my own Heart, with all its pain as well as joys. The more the journey progresses the clearer that "something" becomes, and the more I know myself to be truly at home, in the place God created me for.  Silvana.

Silvana is pictured on the right, in the chaplaincy of Oxford University.

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The Right Order